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Turmeric as the Natural Pain Killer



Turmeric is generally used as a spice, especially in India. We all know that India is the birthplace of Ayurveda. So, Indian uses various types of herbs as their food, because they know about the usefulness of it. Turmeric is one of them. Turmeric has various types of health benefits. The Curcumine of turmeric has anti-inflammation properties. So turmeric is very effective as a natural painkiller. In any pain, either it joint pain or muscle pain, we can use turmeric as a pain killer. We can use the turmeric paste to cure joint pain. In the next, we can also use turmeric oil massage to get relief from muscle pain. So we can use it in different ways.

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Types of pain

In broad sense, there are two types of ;
•    Acute pain: Acute pain can attack you suddenly and last long for short span of time.
   Chronic pain: If any of your pain, last long more than 6 months, then may be you are suffering from chronic pain

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Sometimes in the body, numerous kinds of pain might occur in the body. some of them are:

Joint Pain lets the joint of the body suffers from pain. Nerve pain lets the nerve get displaced or malfunctioned which makes a person suffer from pain. Muscle pain which is also known as Myalgia. It makes you bear pain at any part of your body if you are a patient of muscle pain. Migraine 
mostly known for headache. From the psychological side to physical side, there are many causes of migraine. So migraine is also a type of pain that we have to suffer.

Benefits of turmeric

Cure Skin problems: The antiseptic property of turmeric helps your skin to be healthy. The antioxidants of turmeric can help your skin immunity system. Use of turmeric in your skin can help to keep the skin healthy and bright also.

   Good for cold: Turmeric is useful to strengthen up your immune system so that the virus can not attack you. The Curcumine of turmeric has the healing power. So, if you ever attack by cold, just drink a hot glass of milk to get well soon.

   Effective in bronchitis: Bronchitis is basically an inflectional disease. So, the antiseptic capability of turmeric can help to cure it. If you are a bronchitis patient, then you also can try turmeric milk.

   Cure digestion problem: If you have any problem in digestion, in the morning drink on tea spoon full of turmeric juice. It is very effective for liver and digestive system.

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   Beneficial in menstrual cramp: As we know, turmeric has anti inflammatory properties, so it can give you relief during menstrual cramp also. Sometimes, menstrual cramp can be the outcome of the gastric problem. It this problem also, turmeric is very effective.

   Prevent cancer: Turmeric is also useful in preventing cancer. The turmeric oil is effective in destroying leukemia cells. It also helps to fight against colon cancer and breast cancer.

Natural pain killer: Turmeric

For the anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can be the best natural pain killer. If you are suffering from any type of pain, either joint or muscle pain, you can use turmeric paste or turmeric oil in the affected area.

•    Pain and swelling are the causes of inflammation. Anti-inflammatory properties can help you to get relief from it

•    Protein that is inhibited by turmeric can help to get relief from nerve pain.

•    Curcumin can help to cure nociceptive pain.

Uses of turmeric as a pain killer

1.    Use turmeric paste in the area where you are feeling pain. The antiinflammatory properties of turmeric can help in killing the pain. It is best if you can use raw turmeric. But if you are unable to collect it, you can use the turmeric powder which is easily available in the market.

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2.    You can also consume turmeric by making tea from it. Turmeric tea can boost your whole body. For best result, add ginger in it

3.    Turmeric milk is also good for health. You can use it to get relief from pain.

4.    If you don’t like raw turmeric, then you also can use it in a form of capsule. This also can help you to get relief from inflammation and pain

5.     You can use turmeric essential oil. It can help you to fight with body pain and various types of cancer also.

6.    Add the turmeric powder in your recipes. It can make your dish beautiful, tasty and healthy.

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