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Thyroid: types, causes, and solution



The thyroid is a gland of the human body. It is in the neck. Thyroid gland produces the thyroid hormone. This hormone is responsible for the metabolic rate and protein synthesis.

What is Thyroid Gland disease?
When our thyroid gland doesn’t function properly we called it that we are suffering from the thyroid problem. There are times when it is noticed that women are affected by this problem more than men. There are four types of thyroid problems.

Types of thyroid problems


thyroid problem


In this thyroid problem, the thyroid gland produces a low amount of thyroid. If you have this problem you may have to experience weakness, constipation, depression etc. The visible symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain. As the thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolic rate, so the lower production of thyroid hormone helps in the weight gain. There are various side effect of hypothyroidism
· Higher cholesterol level
· Memory loss
· Body pain
· Skin problem
· Hair loss


In hyperthyroidism, the production of thyroid hormone is increased. It is seen in women more than men. Weight loss is a significant symptom of hyperthyroidism. If you are experiencing weakness, difficulty in sleeping, inability in concentrate in anything, then you should go to the doctor and examine your thyroid level. Side effects of hyperthyroidism are
· Losing weight
· Inability to concentrate
· Hair loss
· Vomiting
· Sleeping deficiency





This is the problem of the enlarged thyroid gland. Goiter makes the neck swell. Most of the time goiter is caused by iodine deficiency. Sometimes the autoimmune system might become the reason for it. Smoking, hormonal changes are also can be the cause of goiter. Sometimes goiter is the side effect of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid nodules:

It is the abnormal growth of the thyroid cells which causes a lump in the thyroid. Sometimes, it may be the cause of thyroid cancer. There are various causes of thyroid nodule like thyroid cyst, overgrowth of thyroid cells etc. Side effects of thyroid nodules are
· Breathing problem
· Fast heartbeat
· Memory problem
· Skin problem


· Abnormal production of thyroid hormones: The thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolism rate in our body. The proper amount of the production of thyroid hormone is responsible for maintaining the proper metabolism in our body.So if the production of this hormone increase or decrease, it can affect our body and we say that we are suffering from thyroid problem.

· Deficiency of some elements: To lead a healthy life, our body need some component in proper amount like iron, iodine etc.  Deficiency of these components also can be the cause of problem in thyroid gland. For example, Goiter is caused by the iodine deficiency.

· Infection of thyroid gland by bacteria:  Bacterial infection also can be the cause of thyroid problem. So, we should try to save it from any type of infection.

· Genetic: Genetically thyroid problem can transfer from one to another generation

· Pituitary gland malfunction: Pituitary is another gland of human body. Every parts of our body is related with each other. So, malfunction of pituitary gland also can be the cause of thyroid problem.


1. Weight: If your body weight is unnecessarily increasing or decreasing, then it can be the symptom of problems in thyroid gland.


weight gain- result of thyroid

2. Body pain: Body pain is also a sign of thyroid. If you are experiencing sudden pain in your body, you should go to the doctor for proper diagnosis.
3. Weakness: Weakness is also a common symptom of thyroid problem. The change in the production of thyroid hormone can make you weak.
4. Sensitivity: Awkward sensitivity towards both hot and cold also triggers the change in the production of hormone in thyroid gland.
5. Mental depression: Mental depression is also a sign of thyroid problem


· Physical exercise: Physical exercise is very important to keep us active. Physical exercise can regulate our metabolism rate. Regulate metabolism also can help in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

· Maintain your diet: Diet is very important to control the thyroid problem. There are some foods which are dangerous for thyroids. For example, banana. Those foods should be avoided from your diet list if you are a thyroid patient.

· Do yoga: Yoga is best and easy way to keep yourself away from any disease. So improve the habit of doing yoga.


avoid soy products

· Avoid soy products: Soy products are not good for thyroid patients. So you must avoid it if you have the thyroid problem.

· Anti-thyroid medications: You can find many types of anti thyroid medications in the market.

· Surgery: One can also get the help of surgery to cure thyroid. In surgery, the thyroid gland is removed.



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