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September 6, 2017
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September 6, 2017
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The Side effects of Soma


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Soma is a pain killer. It can give us relief from day to day pain. The brand name of soma is carisoprodol. Soma changes the way of perceiving pain, in both body and brain. Thus it controls the perception of pain in the body. In our daily life, we have to face various types of pain. Soma basically helps us to fight with acute pain. It is actually a supporting drug for pain along with rest and treatment. It has various types of effectiveness. But, like other painkillers, it also has some side effects. As the doses of soma are not too strong, its side effects are also mild. Buy soma online from online pharmacy pills.

side effects

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Ingredients of Soma

Active: Carisoprodol
Inactive: Alginic acid, magnesium stearate, potassium sorbate, starch, and tribasic calcium phosphate

Side effects of Soma

side effects

Soma-solution of pain 

Avoid soma,
1. If you are suffering from Porphyria, Soma is not a good option for you as a painkiller.
2. Be aware of the addiction of Soma. It can lead you to death. So it should be used for a limited period of time.
3. If you are a patient of the liver disease, kidney diseases or seizure, before using Soma, you should consult with your physician.
4. Soma should not be used before the age of sixteen.
5. Soma is best for muscle pain. It is dangerous if you use it with alcohol.
6. During the first three months of pregnancy, Soma is avoidable. Because it may affect the unborn baby.

side effects

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These are some conditions in which soma should be avoided. there also occurs some health condition due to the use of soma.

  • Breathing problem
  • fainting
  • sore throat
  • weakness
  • fever
  • cough
  • difficulty in urination.
  • muscle spasm
  • drowsiness( most common)
  • anxiety
  • blurry vision
    So, these are some side effects of soma. Every drug has side effects. We just have to care a little while using soma. If you feel anything unusual in your body after using soma, immediately contact your doctor. There is another dangerous fact about soma is that it can make you dependent on painkillers. So you should be careful of this fact also.

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