The action of sildenafil in treating ED in heart patients Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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The action of sildenafil in treating ED in heart patients

viagra for ED

The sildenafil is a compound that is mainly used in the formulation of Viagra for ED. This compound has brought a big revolutionary change in treating male sexual disorder in people. Suffering from erectile dysfunction is not something any men desire for. This is not just a physical issue in men but also have a deep impact on the mental health of the person. Thus to get back the normal erection back it is very important to use a medication. So the use of Viagra for ED is a very potent medicine that helps men by targeting their issue from the roots of the cause.

Buy Viagra for ED and target the root factor that is causing erectile dysfunction in people. This medicine is in the market for many years now. Over the years a lot of people have been benefited from the use of Viagra for ED. But there are certain health issues which should be kept in mind before the intake of this medicine. One of the most important health issues is heart disorder. So let us all have a look if the use of Viagra for ED is safe in people with heart disorders.

Relation of erectile dysfunction with the heart disorder

viagra for ED

As the name suggests the term erectile dysfunction is used to indicate a situation where the person is not able to maintain and get an erection. Also if they get an erection they are not formed enough and do not last for too long. Not able to get and keep an erection is not just an issue that is confined to sexual health. In many, the cause of erectile dysfunction and its consequences are linked more deep down. In many cases, the erectile dysfunction is often an early symptom and a warning of a heart disorder and other circulatory issues. Thus if you are suffering from any kind of heart issue and wish to treat it, then doing so will help in curing the erectile dysfunction as well. This, therefore, indicates that there is a relation or a connection between the two. Therefore the use of Viagra for ED helps in solving the issue of erectile dysfunction that is caused by the heart-related disorder.

How are heart disorder and ED linked?

Earlier the belief was that the building up of the plaques in the arteries of the person causes erectile dysfunction to precede heart disorder. The main reason for this is that building up of the plaque causes reducing of the blood in the lower abdominal area of the body. This, therefore, makes it very difficult to get and maintain an erection. However, now they believe is that erectile dysfunction preceding heart issue is more common due to the problem in the inner lining of the blood vessel and also the smooth muscle of the person. This, therefore, causes the inadequate flow of blood to the heart. It also impairs the proper flow of blood to the lower abdomen. Thus such situations can be made better with the use of Viagra for ED.

Risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction

viagra for ED

Erectile dysfunction and heart disorder have many risk factors. They are-

Diabetes- men suffering from high glucose level in blood is more prone to having both heart disorder and erectile dysfunction. Therefore the use of Viagra for ED in such people is necessary to help them get a normal long lasting erection.

Excessive smoking can make you suffer from vascular disorder. Thus the person is prone to getting erectile dysfunction and heart issues.

Over the years having high blood pressure can damage the lining of the arteries in the person. Thus this can accelerate the process of having vascular diseases causing erectile dysfunction. Thus in such people taking Viagra for ED along with medication to normal the blood pressure level is important.

Is the use of Viagra for ED safe for heart patients?

The main factor that is seen in all people suffering from this disorder is the issue of improper blood flow in the body. To get an erection it is very important for the organ to get enough blood. It is only when the person will be able to get an erection. But in people with erectile dysfunction, such people do not have a proper flow of blood in the body. Resulting in the lower abdomen failing to receive the right amount of blood. This, therefore, makes the person suffer from impotence. Therefore to able to get the erection, it is very important for the person to able to maintain the proper blood circulation in the body.

Viagra for ED contains sildenafil. This chemical compound was initially developed to treat hypertension in people. Later during the clinical trials, it was seen that the compound is more beneficial in patients with erectile dysfunction. Thus the company started marketing sildenafil under the brand name of Viagra.

The compound works by blocking the phosphodiesterases 5. This is an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of guanosine monophosphate. This compound is important for the regulation of the proper flow of blood into the lower abdomen of the body. Viagra for ED helps in relaxing the smooth muscle of the body. This, therefore, causes vasodilatation thus making the blood vessel of the person open.  Therefore it lets in a proper amount of blood in the organ thus letting to causing erection in people.

The use of Viagra for ED is safe in all people suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is mainly due to the fact that medicine targets the free flow of blood in the body. Thus this is very helpful in people with heart disorder as well. As in both cases, the right flow of blood is necessary. However, it is advisable for heart patients to consult a cardiologist before taking Viagra for ED. 

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