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How to take Soma( Carisoprodol)for Pain


Soma is an opioid drug that is beneficial to alleviate pain. It is the best painkiller for day to day use. Suppose, suddenly while getting ready for an important work you fall down and get a sprain. In these types of situations, Soma can help. This painkiller is best for acute pain. Give rest to your body and use Soma only as a tpart of treatment purpose.


Soma has substances such as Carisoprodol as main active agent.

Other substances include Alginic acid, Magnesium Stearate, Potassium Sorbate, starch, and Tribasic Calcium Phosphate.

How to take Soma (Carisoprodol)

Soma is basically a muscle relaxer. It can give temporary relief from pain. Take the pill by mouth. Usually, one should take it 4 times in a day. Use this medication for short span of time, 3 weeks or less. You can take this painkiller with or without food. It has also the risk of addiction. So be careful of addiction of Soma.

How Soma works

Carisoprodol modulates the neurotransmitters’ activities in spinal cord. Muscle aches and discomfort are no more felt to large extent as it changes the way our brain recognizes pain. 


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Advantages of Soma as a Painkiller

Soma is a very effective muscle relaxer. It is very effective for temporary soreness.  There are various advantages of Soma as a painkiller;
1. Soma responds quickly to strain in muscles.
2. This painkiller is very effective for injury pain like sprain
3. It is also effective for acute pains
4. As this painkiller, it is not so strong, so it has very low risk of side effects
5. This painkiller is the best one as a muscle relaxer.


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