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June 26, 2018
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Smart Pill Waklert: For Cognition Improvement


If you are familiar with smart drugs, you must know that they are designed to make people get focused, motivated, and better in their work. People use these supplements for improving their cognition. They take these drugs to make better use of their mental functioning. This helps them to develop and rises up in their overall productivity. One such smart pill that helps to increase the cognitive levels in a person is Waklert.

Waklert is an oral prescription medicine and a brand version of the generic drug Armodafinil. Armodafinil is not a very popular smart drug but is a very strong nootropic substance. This medication is an upgraded version of smart drug. It got approved for treating sleep disorders in people in June 2007. Since its FDA approval, it has been marketed in the United States as a prescription medication. So, whenever you go to purchase Waklert online, do get an approval from a doctor.

What Waklert provides!

The smart pill, Waklert, is produced by a pharmaceutical company in India called the Sun Pharma. Doctors prescribe this product for treating three serious and common sleep disorders namely sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift-related sleep disorders. People with these three sleep disorders suffer from mainly excessive sleepiness during the daytime or during shift work hours. This drug helps the sleep disorder victims to overcome this extreme daytime sleepiness. This medicine also provides them with the motivation and the zeal to work and perform better. This is what Waklert is approved for.

But this smart drug also has many non-approved uses. People take it for improving their cognitive levels and for improving the conditions of jet lag, depression, anxiety, neurological fatigue, and attention deficit disorder etc.

The Right Time of taking this Pill


Usually, the morning time in the day is good for opting this smart drug. The smart pill consists of a half life of 15 hours. So, patients with Sleep Disorders like Narcolepsy and Obstructive Sleep Apnea should use the pill in the morning. Take the pill just for once in a day.

Do not take this smart drug at night or in the evening. This drug can lead to sleep disturbances if you use it during such late hours.

However, night shift workers or evening shift workers can use this smart drug at night or in the evening respectively. Shift workers can opt this pill an hour before the shifts begin i.e. 60 minutes prior to the shifts.

If you forget to take a dose –

Take the pill as you remember in case you miss out on a dose. But, do make sure that it is daytime when you are consuming the smart pill. As it is already said, if you take this drug during the late hours, it can keep you awake all night. So, better avoid taking the pill at such a time. Skip it and return to your usual dosing schedule. Also, do not take an extra pill with your next dose. Sometimes, people think of taking an extra pill to make up for the missed dose. This must be avoided at all cost.

What should you inform your physician about?


  • Tell your doctor about every drugs and treatments you are on at present. This can help them to figure out if these drugs interact with the smart drug Armodafinil. The thing about drug interactions is that they change the way the drug affects our body.
  • Be sure to share every details about your past illnesses. Tell your doctor if you have had any heart problems, high blood pressure, liver/kidney disease, a prior substance use disorder, mental/mood illnesses etc.


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