Provigil: Usage, Effects, and Side effects
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Provigil: Usage, Effects, and Side effects


Provigil is a very compelling smart pill. It is the brand version of Modafinil which is known as the king of smart pills. Smart pills are good at enhancing our activeness. Liveliness is very significant to do out work effectively. But because of various reasons, we cannot stay active in our workplace. Excessive sleep disorder is one of those reasons. It can help us to stay active by kicking out this excessive sleep. Not only that, it also can upsurge recollection of events and facts and attentiveness.

How to use Provigil

Reckless consumption of  medication should be avoided, irrespective of its strength. Provigil 200 mg is no exception. If you wish to stay functioning for the entire day, take one pill of Provigil  every morning after consulting on the dose with the medical professional. You can take it with or without food. Stick a note on one thing; Provigil is not a smart drug to give you enough sleep. It can simply keep you awake and going whilst in the working hours. Much like other meds, one should not take Provigil 200 mg for a longer period than that of 12 weeks.

How it works?

Provigil has Modafinil in its composition and this compound makes use of the fact that the neurotransmitters or the hormones in the body. The increased neurotransmitters in the body actually help us increase our cerebral capacities along with keeping us awake and operating all through the day.

Side effects

Every medicine has some reactions. But it varies person to person. So before using any medicine, it is better to talk with the doctor if it is suitable for you or not. Provigil also has some sort of reactions;

Intake of Provigil can cause mild headaches in the user. One should rest and wait for the headache to pass before continuing to work.

  •  If you are using Provigil , drink more and more water because Modafinil can cause dehydration in your body
  •  It also can be the source of allergy for people who are allergic to Modafinil and its like wise substances. Contact your physician for immediate supervision and proper consultation. 
  • Some severe negative effects of Provigil are fever, headache, nauseating, bruising, hallucination, depression, anxiety, mild chest pain etc.
  • Dizziness, nervousness, diarrhea, nausea etc are some of the out of the ordinary and minor side effects of using the drug.
  • An overdose of Provigil also can cause severe health issues and may require a visit to the emergency room. Never overdose and at all times stick to the agreed-upon dose as stated by the doctor.


Before using any medicines, we have to know the precautions to avoid danger. So, before using Provigil also we should know about the precautions;
Ø Avoid the use of the smart drug if you are allergic to Modafinil and its relative compounds.
Ø If you have the problem of blood pressure, please contact your physician before you consume this drug. The addition of Provigil 200 mg to your system may impact your health in a greatly detrimental manner.
Ø Do not take Provigil if you are a minor or if you suffer from any ailments in the body.

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