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December 20, 2017
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Provigil for a New Active Life


Smart drugs have become a pop culture now, people are now accepting the fact that they need to be alert and active in both professional and personal life. Provigil is one such smart drug that enables us to remain active and alert in our life. This smart drug reduces the extreme sleepiness that is caused due to narcolepsy and other sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder.

Provigil is a Nootropic that is a brand name of Modafinil. It contributes to promoting wakefulness among the individual suffering from an excessive sleep disorder. Keeping oneself active and focus is very much important in this present scenario, where everything is moving ahead, you cannot afford to lay back. Its action starts by altering the natural chemicals in the brain.




Is it a controlled substance?

Provigil is a controlled substance (C-IV) because this smart pill may cause addiction as it can be abused or lead to dependency on the medication. So the recommended period to continue the pill is for 12 weeks. So you should keep the pill in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse.

Dosing Information of the pill

Before you start with the medicine, it is advisable that you should consult your doctor for the proper dosing process. Here are the general guidelines as to how you can dose the medicine-

  • 200 mg per day is the recommended dose of this smart drug
  • You can easily grab the medicine and intake it with food or without food
  • You can either take the medicine early in the morning or in the early afternoon
  • People suffering from daytime sleepiness must take the pill early in the morning
  • And people who suffer from shift sleep work disorder can take the medicine one hour before they start their work and need to be alert.
  • If you have no plan to stay awake for several hours, then is advisable to avoid taking the medicine
  • If you tend to skip a dose of the medicine then, do not go for two doses at the same time
  • Skip the missed dose of the medicine if it is almost time to bed




Warnings and Precautions

Before taking Provigil, there are certain important things that you should keep in mind so as to avoid the ill effects of the medication. Any individual, who is allergic to Armodafinil, should not try out this smart pill.

This medicine affects the CNS (Central Nervous System) which will impair your thinking and reaction process, so you will have to be careful if you are driving or indulge in any activity that requires you to be alert and focused.

Here are the list of certain health issues and condition, that you should inform your doctor before you start with the pill. Your doctors will then advise you whether you can start dosing the pill or not

  • History of mental illness
  • Kidney disease
  • If you are pregnant or have any plan to conceive
  • Liver disease or Cirrhosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease or you had heart attack
  • Angina










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