Provigil: A Smart Pill for Improved Mental Health Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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Provigil: A Smart Pill for Improved Mental Health

Provigil: A Smart Pill for Improved Mental Health

Improvement of mental health means improvement of our real life. If we can take care of our brain health, we can definitely make some outstanding progress. The problem is our hectic schedule. It makes us feel mentally drained and as a result we just cannot put our absolute focus on anything anymore. Smart drugs can help people to improve their focus and attention and increase their overall productivity. One of such an effective smart drug that can improve a person’s focus is Provigil.

Provigil is an oral smart drug that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company called Cephalon Inc. In 1998, this smart drug received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This approval was for the treatment of narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep apnea. This smart drug is a brand version of the generic smart drug Modafinil which is a prescription drug in the United States. If you even go for buying Provigil online, you must consult a doctor and get his/her approval to buy the same.

Provigil: Approved and Non-Approved Uses

provigilProvigil is an approved treatment for some of the sleep disorders in people that include narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. These disorders have an “extreme daytime sleepiness” effect on the user making him or her unable to concentrate anywhere due to extreme sleepiness. These disorders make a person feel restless and their mind gets all chaotic. They lose focus, attention, and concentration on work. Provigil helps such people to reduce their excessive daytime sleepiness and makes them get active and mentally energetic in life. It helps them to concentrate, improve their focus and get an increased attention span.

The smart drug Provigil is also used for some non-approved uses that include cognitive-enhancement, treatment of depression, anxiety, neurological fatigue, and attention deficit disorder. In healthy people, Provigil improves reasoning skills, concentration and focus, creativity, memory, etc.

How should you consume Provigil?


  • Take the smart pills, Provigil, with a glass of water either before or after taking your food. Do not consume them with any alcoholic products or street drugs as that can lead to severe dizziness in you. Never break the pills and never inhale or inject this drug into your body.
  • People with narcolepsy or sleep apnea can take this smart drug either in the morning or in the early afternoon. They must take the smart drug just once a day. People working in shifts can use the pills about 60 minutes before their shifts start. The ones in rotating shifts must take these pills according to the time given by their doctor.
  • Always store the Provigil tablets at room temperature away from extreme heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. Do not keep them in your washroom or in any damp area.
  • Never share or sell this medication to other people mainly such people who already had an addiction to drugs or alcohol before. Modafinil can be an addictive product if people misuse them. A prior drug addict or alcoholic is more likely to make a wrong use of the product.

What should you inform your doctor about?

Inform your doctor regarding any allergic reactions that you ever experienced using this smart drug or after using Armodafinil.

You must tell your doctor if you are an alcoholic or a drug addict. Also, provide complete details regarding your medical history before taking these pills. Inform him if you have liver or kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, a recent heart attack or a recent surgery etc.

You doctor must know complete information regarding the drugs or treatments that you are on at present. Some drugs or products may have interactions with Provigil changing the way the drug works in our body.


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