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August 22, 2017
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Obesity: Causes and Solutions




What is Obesity?

Obesity is a big problem of the modern world. It is the symptom in which a people become overweight. In every three American, one of them is suffering from obesity. It can even kill a people by combined with other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid etc. There are various causes of obesity. But most of the time excessive and unhealthy food is the main reason of obesity.

What are the Symptoms of obesity?

If your BMI is more than 30 then you are a obese person. BMI stands for body mass index. To calculate BMI you have to divide your weight in kilogram by your height in metre.




  1. Diet: Nowadays, most of us have to suffer from various types of health problems because of unhealthy food. Obesity is one of them. We love to have tasty food than healthy food. In our diet list, we should avoid junk food because though those are tasty, but they have the lack of nutrition. Junk food can help in the increasing of extra fats in our body. Excessive amount of food is also a cause of obesity.
  2.  Physical Inactivity: Physical inactivity is a big cause of obesity. Most of us have to work by sitting at office during all the day. We eat food but we can not burn the fats as we are physically inactive throughout the day.it is a big cause of obesity.
  3.  Side affect of other drugs: There are various drugs which can be the cause of obesity. For example, for many health problems, we have to take drugs which are contain a substance called steroid. This steroid can help in the increasing of excessive fats.
  4.  Impact of other illness: There are some diseases which side effect is obesity. For example- in a type of thyroid, the body fats increase. There are other diseases also which can be the cause of obesity
  5.  Result of Psychological problems: Psychological instability also can be the cause of obesity. Stress, depression is not good for our health as both physical and mental health is inter related. Psychological instability can lead us to frequent eating habit and it can make us obese.
  6.  Lack of sound sleep: Sound sleep is essential for a sound health. Lack of sleep can lead us to various types of physical and psychological problems. Sleeplessness can be the cause of excessive eating as it can make you hungry. Then this excessive eating habit can lead you to obesity.
  7.  Genetic: Sometimes obesity may be genetic. If you have overweight family member, then you can be in the clutch of obesity. So you should be more careful if you are from a family of overweight family member.

    don’t eat junk food

Side effects


Maintain Diet: Diet maintaining is the key solution to obesity. It can help you to have a healthy physic. There are some points to maintain diet.

  •  Start your day with lime and honey: Take a glass of lukewarm water and mix one spoonful of honey and lemon juice, then drink it. It can help you to burn the calories.
  •  Drink as much water as you can, water is very effective in maintaining the body fats.
  •  Let the fatty food go from your diet and welcome the foods rich in fiber.
  • Make the habit of taking green tea.



eat healthy and stay healthy

Increase Body  Activity: Be active physically. If you are a working person and you have to sit and work for the whole day, then make a habit of morning walk and exercise. It can help you to be active for the whole day and also it controls your fat by speeding up your metabolism.

Do Yoga: Yoga is very useful for our health. It can make us healthy, in both way physically and mentally. Yoga can help us to burn calories and give us energy. So if you want to get rid of obesity, you should do yoga.

Surgery: Now, the development of technology is at the pick. As the gift of this development, you can see various types of surgeries in the medical science. There are some surgeries which can help to reduce the extra fats. If you are

extremely obese, then you can take the help of those surgeries 

Weights lose drugs and supplements:  There are numerous types of drugs and supplements you can find in the market which can control your weight. But check before use it. Sometimes those supplements and drugs have severe side effects which can make you ill. Its better to use Ayurveda. You can find various natural things also which can control your fats.

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