The Myth About Tramadol 50/100 mg Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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October 13, 2017
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The Myth About Tramadol 50/100 mg


In treating our body pain, we can rely on Tramadol as a painkiller. The VARIABLE in all this … is the individual patient; everyone’s body structure is different and so will react and produce different side effects with every drug they take. The only way to find out how your body will react is to give the prescribed drug a try, preferably for a couple weeks if this will be a long-term drug and if it doesn’t suit you talk to your doctor. They most likely can find an alternative that will suit you. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many drugs that do the same thing.


Tramadol does not have any malicious intent to get you ‘hooked’ or ‘addicted’.
There is a plethora of information online, on any prescription drug and it will tell you everything you need to know before you take it. Some websites, like even there are many Interactions Checker which you can input all your medications into and check if they will react badly. It’s very cool and I even was able to bring a bad mix up to my doctor who was able to clarify that the short amount of time I was taking the new drug would be ok with my regular prescription.


Constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; a headache; increased sweating; indigestion; mild itching; nausea; trouble sleeping; vomiting; weakness. Constipation seems to be the most common and would advise a gentle laxative.
The side effects can be different for different people as the body formation or the body structure is different from each other.


In simple words, we can say that Tramadol does the job of making your body feel good and does it so well that it relieves the overabundant amount of pain you’re going through because of your medical condition. Once your body realizes it doesn’t have to do this job anymore, it will stop, that’s when your body has become ‘dependent’. When you stop taking the Tramadol and your body hasn’t yet taken it’s ‘job’ back, you feel withdrawal symptoms because there is nothing making you feel good. The withdrawal will end once your body takes back its normal job of releasing the chemicals which make you feel good.


The reason behind calling Tramadol a special is that, it’s not like any other painkiller. Tramadol is unique its own way of working with the pain. Tramadol is also known as “MIRACLE DRUG”. The reason behind calling is as the following specialty of it:
1) Tramadol reacts fast at the pain.
2) Tramadol gives instant relief from the pain.
3) It gives us relief from both Chronic as well as Acute pain
4) Minimum side effects for short period of time.


Some important facts

• Never split Tramadol for use. If you want, you can find it in different dosages like 50 mg, and 100 mg.
• Tramadol should be avoided by those people with the history of liver disease, metabolic disorder or seizure
•  Ultram should not be used by making a powder to inhale, and also it should not be used in the form of liquid by injecting. It can lead you to death.
• Can’t use it if your age is less than 16 years.
• Don’t mix Tramadol with alcohol.
• Don’t take Tramadol with sleeping pills

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