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Modvigil: Smart Pill for Sleep Apnea


Do you often make loud and noisy snoring sounds during sleep? Do you wake up with a headache in the morning? Well, these are symptoms of a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes people to feel tired during the day and creates excessive daytime sleepiness. No matter how many hours a person spends on sleeping, he will not wake up refreshed if the sleep quality is not good. Well, there is a treatment for this. Modvigil can be an effective solution for people with sleep apnea to overcome their excessive daytime sleepiness. Note that this medication is not a cure for this sleep disorder.

The smart drug, is a brand versions of the generic drug Modafinil. An Indian Pharmaceutical Company known as HAB Pharma manufactures this product. You should note that this product is a prescription drug. Therefore, do get a doctor’s approval before buying Modvigil online.

Before discussing this smart drug, let us know about the sleep disorder, sleep apnea.

6 Facts on Obstructive Sleep Apnea


  • Sleep Apnea is seen to be more common in men than in women. The risk of sleep apnea in women occurs with menopause
  • This sleep disorder can occur at any age. It is, however, mostly seen among the middle-aged people and young adults.
  • Larger the neck, more is the risk of sleep apnea. A person with a large neck has more soft tissues. This blocks the passage of airway during sleep.
  • High blood pressure or hypertension is seen mostly in people having sleep apnea.
  • This condition is hereditary. There is an increased risk of sleep apnea if any of your family members have it.
  • This disorder can occur in slim people too. But, there is more chance of people with excessive weight to have sleep apnea.

Some of the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea


  • Frequent and loud snoring
  • Silent pauses in breathing
  • Extreme daytime sleepiness/fatigue
  • Unrefreshing Sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Frequently waking up at night to go to the bathroom
  • Decreased concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased sexual desire

About the Smart Pill – Modvigil

Modvigil has been approved by the FDA in December 1998 as a treatment for sleep apnea, shift-related sleep disorders, and narcolepsy. People with these conditions suffer from one common symptom i.e. excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue. This drug helps such people to become more wakeful and active in their lives. It helps them to become productive and to lead a normal life like others.

People also make use of this smart drug for off-label purposes. They have improved reasoning skills and abilities, better creativity, increased attention span, better focus, and concentration etc. Even for treating conditions like neurological fatigue, depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit disorder, this medication is used.


How should you use this Smart Pill?

  • As this is an oral pill, take the drug by mouth either before or after having your meal. Take the pill with water. Never use any alcoholic beverages with this drug.
  • People who have sleep apnea can take the pill in the morning once a day. The same goes for those suffering from narcolepsy. Since the effect of the drug lasts for about 12 hours, consuming it in the morning will be more helpful.
  • Try to avoid using the drug at night as it can lead to some sleep disturbances.
  • People who have shifts, however, can take the drug about 60 minutes prior to the shifts.
  • Inform your doctor about the current products you are taking. Also, submit your past medical reports to your doctor before taking the drug.

Note that this medication is not for anybody less than the age of 18 years.

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