Modvigil : A smart drug to treat your daytime sleep
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November 23, 2017
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Modvigil : A smart drug to treat your daytime sleep

smart drug

Modvigil is an oral smart drug that helps to improve the excessive sleepiness and sleep apnea. It is also considered as an alternative to Modafinil. Since its a smart drug that helps in cognitive enhancement thus making a person active, alert and more focused. It is a blessing in disguise to those who suffer from excessive sleep and to those who suffer from shift work disorder. It has the capacity to improve your mental energy and even makes you more concentrated. All the smart drug works in the same way but the only difference lies in the Half-life of the medicine and the dose. It keeps the brain active and free from fatigue. Belonging to the family of ‘smart drug’, it has a capacity for information processing, applying knowledge and also changing preferences. If you are suffering from all the problems mentioned above then, Modvigil is your one step solution. 


How does this smart pill work?

As a smart pill, Modvigil is very effective which makes an effect on the wakefulness center of our brain and also boosts up the mental acuity. It also works as a nootropic with the help of which we can stay focus and active. It is special from other smart pills in one case and that is this smart pill has very few withdrawal symptoms. Modvigil also can be an effective solution for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety.


• This smart drug falls into the category of eugeroics, henceforth promotes wakefulness and alertness.
• The primary function of the smart drug is it affects the brain’s sleep system and makes the individual feel awake and alert.
• Improves the level of concentration and memory and also helps to increase activeness in an individual.
• An individual suffering from ADHA and ADD can use Modvigil.
• Fights reducing impulsive action and thus help in making a right decision.
These are some useful advantages of using Modvigil. But everything within the limited use serves the best result.

smart drug smart drug

Side effects of the pill

As mentioned earlier everything has its boon and a bane so these are some of the ill effects of Modvigil
• If you get an allergic reaction stop using the medicine.
• Insomnia can be a reason if you take Modvigil more than the recommended dose.
• Anxiety, dizziness headache are some of the common side effects of the pill.
• Swelling of the face, mouth and lips, chest pain, irregular heartbeat etc can be some rare side effect.

If you face any of these discomforts in your body then immediately rush for medical assistance without wasting time. If you take care of what Doctor has prescribed than the chance of the side effect is less.

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