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October 30, 2017
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October 30, 2017
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Modvigil 200 mg: Pros & Cons



Modvigil 200 mg is a smart pill which promotes wakefulness. Along with that, it also can enhance our mood. It is considered as the alternative of Modafinil. Excessive sleep is a serious problem for us which can decrease our activeness. Narcolepsy, sleep apnea etc are some reasons for which we have to suffer from excessive sleep during working our as we have to skip sleep in the night, Modvigil 200 mg cannot help you to sleep in the night. But it can help you to stay awake and active for the working hours.

How it works

Modvigil 200 mg can promote alertness and enhance our mood. Unlike other smart pills, it takes sometimes to show the effects. However, the proper mechanism of how the smart drug makes an effect is not known yet. The research on it is going on. We can assume that like other smart pills, it also makes changes in the neurotransmitters.



Like other smart pills, Modvigil 200 mg also can improve our cognitive power and activeness. Besides that, it has other advantages also;

  • Modvigil 200 mg can help to stay awake and active buy keeping away the excessive sleep disorder.
  • It is a smart drug with FDA approvement and hence it is safe to use.
  • Not only activeness,it also can enhance the memory and concentration
  • Modvigil 200 mg also can help in decision making by reducing impulse response
  • Like other smart pills, it also can helps to stay focus.
  • The patient of ADD or ADHD can also use it to increase their study habit
  • It also makes a positive effect on mood which can help alleviate symptoms for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Side effects


Every drug has some side effects. But, those are varying from person to person. Modvigil 200 mg also has some side effects. So be careful while using it.

a) A headache, nausea, dizziness, anxiety etc. are some of the common side effects of the smart drug. These are very short-term side effects
b) Sometimes, it can make an allergic reaction. So after taking it, if you see any rashes or anything unusual contact your doctor
c) Overdose of Modvigil 200 mg can make you insomniac
d) Depression, swelling of face, mouth and lips, signs of jaundice, fever, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat etc are some of the rare and serious side effects of the pill


Before taking any medication, we should know about how to use it. There are some precautions which we should keep in our mind before taking Modvigil 200 mg;

  1. Don’t take it if you are allergic to any smart pill. After taking it if you see any reaction in your health, immediately contact the doctor
  2. If you are a patient of kidney or liver disease, of you are facing blood pressure issues, then you should avoid it.
  3. Do not take it also if you have the past history of irregular heartbeats, chest pain or any other cardiovascular problem.
  4. Avoid alcohol while you are taking it
  5. You should avoid other smart drugs with the smart pill.

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