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December 1, 2017
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Modalert a mystic smart drug

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Modalert is a smart drug that is commonly used for patients or individual with sleeping disorders and helps to control excessive sleepiness. Modalert has been found to be a very effective cognitive enhancer that helps to improve the power of decision- making.  The medicine works directly by putting an impact on the central nervous system (CNS) in increasing its efficiency. The smart pill also has the potential to treat ADHA problem.  Modalert has also become the choice for the students who take it to stay awake and concentrate on their studies.


  • The recommended dosage of this medicine is 200 mg once in a day
  • The dosage can rise up to 400 mg in a day
  • The half-life of the smart pill is 8 -10 hours
  • You can take the medicine orally with food or without food
  • Any person using Modalert for shift work sleep disorder must take the medicine an hour before you need to be alert.



Why is it a mystic drug?

 Here are few points to support the statement-

  • It has a very low potential abuse.
  • This pill also helps in curing depression
  • This medicine helps to increase your activeness without having any effect on the blood pressure
  • As it is a cognitive enhancer, thus keeps you active and alert throughout the day

Avoidable interactions

While taking Modalert you must know about some of the interactions which could be really dangerous.

  • Mezolam 7.5mg Injection
  • Epsolin 50mg/2ml Injection
  • Medzol 1mg Injection
  • Etivin 0.50mg Tablet
  • Solzam 10mg Tablet MD
  • Xenotril SL 0.5mg Tablet
  • Spentoin 100mg Capsule
  • Spentoin Injection
  • Norex 0.5mg Tablet
  • Lopez 1mg Tablet MD


Important things to remember

 Here are some few important things that would guide you when you will use the medicine. This are-

  • Never mix smart drug with Alcohol
  • You should take the medicine an hour before you need to be alert
  • If you have history in liver or kidney disease than this smart pill is not advisable
  • Modalert is not recommended for children below 18 years
  • If you are an expected mother or you are planning to conceive than take your doctor’s advice before you start with the medicine. As it may harm the newborn


These are a certain important thing that one should keep in mind before starting the dose. These guidelines will help you in taking the medicine right with good effect on your body. It is always advisable to consult the physician before you start any medicine because the doctor knows about the medicine and also your health.



Modalert being a smart drug is useful if you take and follow your doctor’s advice.  You can now get Modalert online from an online pharmacy store easily. If you buy Modalert online then you will be benefited with various other facilities.   That include

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Free Shipping
  • Affordable Price
  • Refill Reminder
  • No need For Prescription

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