Modafinil: to enhance your cognitive function  Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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December 2, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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Modafinil: to enhance your cognitive function 

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What is Modafinil?


Modafinil is a smart drug that enhances your cognitive function. It acts sort of like stimulant but it is actually a eugeroic.  Unlike other classical smart pills, it does not make you speedy or jitters. Modafinil is a Nootropic that promotes wakefulness and helps in treating Narcolepsy. This is known as the’ king of smart pill’ and thus it is the best option to opt for as your smart drug. This medicine is even approved by FDA as legal and safe to use.

How it enhances the cognitive function?


  • The smart pill helps to improve the fatigue levels, reaction time and motivation
  • It improves the mood by resisting the fatigue level
  • The smart pill also improves the brain function in sleep-deprived doctors
  • As it improves the mood thus helps in making the right decision

smart drug

How to dose?


Narcolepsy patient must take Modafinil in the morning, and people who work in shifts should take the pill an hour prior to work. You can take the pill with food or without. The recommended dose for Modafinil is 200 mg once daily and it should not exceed 400 mg a day. Start the dose of the medicine as you are prescribed by your doctor.


How Modafinil treats Narcolepsy


The working mechanism of Modafinil still remains a mystery, although the smart pill promotes wakefulness it is not chemically or pharmacologically related to conventional in promoting wakefulness stimulant of the central nervous system. Modafinil has none of the dopaminergic activity due to which it is listed as a schedule-IV substance having a relatively low potential for abuse.  Since it is a controlled drug which means without doctor’s advice you should go for the pill.



  • Since Modafinil is approved as a smart drug by FDA back in the year 1998 hence it is easy to trust and you can have your faith.
  • You can feel light and active through the day because it is eugeroic.
  • Modafinil helps to reduce impulsive response and also helps in taking the right decision.
  • It helps to promote activeness, alertness and increases concentration.

Some facts

  • Be careful when you dose the medicine. Do not overdose the pill as it may lead to confusion, restlessness or even excited.
  • If you have kidney or liver disease than you should not go for this medicine.
  • If you are allergic to Armodafinil, then you should not go for this medicine.
  • Do not take the medicine more than it is prescribed.


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