Modafinil: to enhance your cognitive function  Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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December 2, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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Modafinil: to enhance your cognitive function 


What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a medicine that enhances your cognitive function which is actually known as a smart drug. It acts almost like a stimulant but it is actually a eugeroic.  Unlike other common smart pills, it does not make you speedy or jitters. Modafinil is a Nootropic that promotes wakefulness and helps in treating Narcolepsy. This is known as the’ king of smart pill’ and thus it is the best option to opt for as your smart drug. This medicine is even approved by FDA as a legal and safe way to boost activeness.

How it enhances the cognitive function?


  • The smart pill helps the person fatigue problem which also improves reaction time and motivation
  • It improves the mood by resisting the fatigue level
  • The smart pill also improves the brain function in sleep-deprived doctors
  • As it improves the mood thus helps in making the right decision


How to dose?


Narcolepsy patient must take Modafinil in the morning, and people who work in shifts should take the pill an hour before going to work. There is no issue if you are taking it with or without having your meal. The recommended dosage for Modafinil is 200 mg once daily and it should not exceed 400 mg a day. Start the dose of the medicine as you are prescribed by your doctor.


How Modafinil treats Narcolepsy


It is still clearly known actually in what way Modafinil or any other smart pills make an effect to make us awake and active. But the experts assume that the smart pills, including Modafinil, work in a way that increases the numbers of dopamine which is actually wakefulness-promoting neurons. Modafinil is a smart pill with the low potential of abuse. But, as it is listed as a schedule IV drug one should take it with the doctor’s prescription.



  • Modafinil is an FDA approved smart pill on which we can trust.
  • Because of the eugeroic nature of this smart pill, after taking it one can feel active and enthusiastic.
  • Take the right decision with the help of Modafinil as it can prevent the impulsive response.
  • It helps to promote activeness, alertness and increases concentration.

Some facts

  • Be careful when you dose the medicine. Do not overdose the pill as it may lead to confusion, restlessness or even excited.
  • Avoid this medicine if you are suffering from liver or kidney disease 
  •  You should not go for this medicine if you have to face an allergic reaction after taking it
  • The dosing amount should not be more than prescribed.

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