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Modafinil: Make your Mind Smart


Today, if you search for the most popular smart drugs of all time, Modafinil will be among the topmost products in that list. This smart pill has gained enormous popularity among people today – be it among the youth or middle and old-aged people. People call this popular wakefulness drug as the king of smart pills. It also had been declared as the first safe smart drug in the world. It is also known as the student drug given how popular this smart pill is among the university students. They take this smart pill for improving their study habits and to improve their attention, focus, and concentration level.

Modafinil is actually a product that doctors prescribe for the treatment of sleep disorders. It received approval for treating sleep disorders from the FDA in December 1998 especially narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder. One has to get a doctor’s approval to purchase Modafinil online or to use this smart drug. Since it is a prescription drug, a doctor’s approval prior to purchase is necessary.

Know the Uses of Modafinil

modafinilThis popular wakefulness-enhancer, Modafinil, is used for both clinical and non-clinical uses. As already mentioned, this smart drug is an approved treatment for three major sleep disorders. It is clinically approved for treating narcolepsy, shift-related sleep disorders, and sleep apnea. It does cure these sleep disorders completely. They help the victims to get rid of the extreme tiredness or drowsiness that they experience from these sleep disorders. They help to make the people more active, alert, wakeful, and energetic in life.

People use this smart pill off-label or non-clinically for improving their cognitive abilities. They take this smart pill to improve their concentration and focusing power, memory, reasoning skills, and abilities, attention span, creativity etc. Some take this generic smart pill to treat the conditions of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and attention deficit disorder. Healthy people should never take this oral smart pill for delaying their typical sleeping time.

How should you use this Smart Pill?

modafinilAs you already know this drug is a prescription-only drug, you must take the drug as instructed by a doctor. Do not consume this nootropic in amounts more than prescribed. This smart drug takes around 30-45 minutes to take effect and lasts for 12 hours a day. People should use this pill, therefore, in the morning or in the early afternoon.

Take the pills by mouth with a glass of water. Do not use any sedative products with the pills such as alcohol or street drugs. If you use Modafinil with alcohol, it can lead to dizziness.

People who have sleep disorders like narcolepsy or sleep apnea can take this smart pill once a day in the morning or in the early afternoon. Those people who work in shifts (night shifts, early morning shifts, or evening shifts) can use the drug an hour before their working hours. People working in rotating shifts should use this smart drug according to the time prescribed by their doctor.

Store this product in a safe place totally unreachable for children or pets. Throw away any products that you are no longer using or have become expired.

Keep the drugs at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Do not keep them in your washroom or in any damp place. Keep the drugs in a cool and dry place.

Inform your Doctor about –

  • Tell your doctor about the drugs and treatments you are taking at present. They may include prescribed drugs, vitamins, non-prescribed drugs, recreational drugs, illegal drugs, nutritional drugs etc.
  • Give detailed information on your medical history to your doctor before using this smart pill.

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