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Modafinil: Some facts, Dose and Overdose!

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One of the most important things for human is to get quality sleep! And the Modafinil is what for. Modafinil can use by adults, who are suffering from narcolepsy, to stay awake.

Something That We Should Know About Modafinil!

Modafinil is a Smart drug also known as Nootropic. It helps to enhance our cognitive functions.
Modafinil is the wakefulness promoting agent. Sometimes it also used in some mental health like depression, memory loss etc. because of its enhancing properties.
Modafinil is safe to use. It has the very less side effects as compared to other smart drugs; instead it helps people to get rid of their addiction problems.

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• Do you remember that movie “A Beautiful Mind”! John Ness the brilliant scientist. Modafinil helps you to think brilliantly. It works really well.
• In a study of Cambridge University, it was proven that, Modafinil is also effective to reduce bad decision, i.e. “impulse response”.
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How to take Dosage of Modafinil:

• Adults should take it two times (morning and night) a day, 100 mg in per dosage.

• Patients who crossed the age of 65, the usual dosage for them is 100mg; 50 mg in per dosage.

• Children who are less than 18 years should not take the dosage of Modafinil of any type.


Always consult with your doctor, if you want to reduce or increase the dosage of Modafinil. In some cases they can change your dosage.


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Side effects of Overdose of Modafinil:

Modafinil have least negative side effects than that of other smart drugs. But too much of everything is also bad. Modafinil will act abnormally, if take dosage more than prescribed.

Overdose of Modafinil can make you sick. You may feel confused or excited or restless most of the time.

• Too many tablets can bring you to the world of Hallucination, which is not real in sense.

• In some cases you can feel difficulty in sleeping; although it is a wakefulness agent.

Overdose of Modafinil can lead you to chest pain, may change increase or decrease your heart beat or blood pressure.

If you are getting these problems, please contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Don’t take double dose of Modafinil, if you forgot to take your last dosage.

Lastly, it will be advantageous to you, if you will do regular Yoga or exercises, while taking Modafinil.

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