Modafinil: Better Attention, Just a Pill Away! Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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Waklert: For Leading a Fatigue-free life
July 31, 2018
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Cialis: Get your potency back without a trouble!
August 2, 2018
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Modafinil: Better Attention, Just a Pill Away!

Modafinil: Better Attention, Just a Pill Away!

Paying attention to something for a longer duration is difficult for most people. People with reduced attention span have a difficulty to put their focus on a particular thing and they easily get distracted. Their mind wanders. Due to lack of attention, they take hours to finish something that could have been done in minutes. To increase attention span, people can take smart drugs like Modafinil. This smart drug works great at providing people with improved focus and concentration and improved attention. It is not approved for these reasons but is used mostly for such purposes. Buying Modafinil online requires approval from a doctor as it is a prescription medication.

Do you know that Modafinil is known popularly as the king of smart pills and is the first safe smart drug in the world? Well, yes it is. It also has got a nickname “student drug” given the many people take this smart drug in the universities. They use this drug for getting their study habits improved.

Let us know a bit more about this popular smart pill!

Is Modafinil an FDA-approved Product?

modafinilWell yes, Modafinil received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the month of December 1998. It is an approved treatment for sleep disorders namely narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. This smart drug does not cure these sleep disorders entirely but helps people suffering from these conditions to get active and wakeful. It helps in reducing the excessive daytime sleepiness of such people that results from the sleep disorders. They become motivated and willing to work as opposed to their general sleepy and tired outlook.

This generic medication is marketed under three different brand names in the United States, namely, Provigil, Modvigil, and Modalert. Note that this smart pill is only for people of age 18 years or above. No one below that age should receive this smart drug.

As said earlier, people also use this drug for non-approved purposes. Healthy people take this drug for improving their cognitive abilities. Modafinil provides them with an improved memory, better reasoning skills, enhanced creativity, and improved focus and concentrating ability etc.

How should you use the Smart Pill – Modafinil?


While using this smart pill, you must always follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. Do not take the product in large amounts or in manner you are not advised to take it.

  • Take the pills either before meal or after mealtime with a glass of water. Do not consume the tablets by mixing them with alcoholic products or street drugs. If you do so, it might make you suffer from severe dizziness. Also, note that using this smart drug after meal can lead to delay in the effects to take place.
  • People with narcolepsy or sleep apnea syndrome can use the tablets once every morning or in the early afternoon.
  • Those people who are working in shifts can take the drugs an hour before they start to work. Those who have rotating shifts should ask their doctor about the time of taking this smart drug.
  • Before taking the drug, people must provide their entire medical history to their doctor and details of the currently used drugs or treatments.
  • Store the Modafinil pills at room temperature away from extreme heat, moisture or direct sunlight. Do not store these tablets in your washroom.
  • Also, avoid sharing these drugs with any other person as it is quite an addictive substance. Taking such a product by people with a prior substance use disorder can be really dangerous to heath. Moreover, it is against the law to sell or give away these drugs to other people.

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