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Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions



Migraine is a type of headache which last long from 4 to 72 hours. A change in the specific element of the brain called serotonin can cause this type of headache migraine. Migraine can be chronic or acute, both types. When you are suffering from migraine you may fill a severe headache on the both side of the head, eye pain, pain in the joint of eye and nose, vomiting etc. Generally, migraine is related to light, sound, and smell. Before the attack of migraine, you may experience an aura.


  1. Genetic: If any of your family members has the history of migraine, it can be the cause of your migraine. It can genetically transfer to you. This migraine is known as familial hemiplegic migraine. In this type of migraine, you may experience an aura before the attack.
  2. Psychological: Psychological state of our mind has a great impact on our physical health. Mental stress, depression, anxiety etc. are also can be the cause of migraine.


  3. Food habit: Some food also can be the cause of migraine. Chocolate, some types of sweeteners, alcohol,cured meat like hot dog etc can be the cause of your migraine.
  4. Environment: There is some environmental phenomenon also which can cause migraines. Bright sunlight, noisy environment, some specific smells etc. Can lead us to migraine.
  5. Triggers: Triggers means to cause. The actual cause of migraine no one can decide. Along with the above-mentioned causes, there are some other causes also like lack of sleep, an overdose of some medications, hormonal changes in the body, jet lag etc which can also be the causes of migraine.


  •    Severe headache

  •    Eye pain

  •    Sensitive towards ligh

  •    Vomiting

  •    Nose pain


  1. Use of OTC drug: Use of over the counter drugs for medicine is a good idea. You can find many types of remedies for migraine online. It can give you quick relief from the headache. Soma and tramadol are two among the OTC drug. Soma is best for daily use.

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  2. Be in a good environment: Some environmental factors can be the reason of migraine. So if you are suffering from this, you should try to be in a calm and cool environment. You should also avoid to go out if it is too hot outside. Because light also can affect your migraine.
  3. Don’t skip sleep: Sleep is an important factor for our health. Sleeplessness can be the cause of various health issues. Migraine is one of them. If you are a migraine patient, you should not skip sleep.
  4.    caffeine can cure your migraine. The perfect amount of caffeine you can found in green tea. So if you are suffering from migraine, start the habit of drinking green tea.
  5. Avoid spicy food: Spicy food should be avoided in migraine. Pizzas, hot dogs, sausage etc. should be avoided by migraine patient as the preserver and processor of those food can trigger migraine. Other food like beans, chilly pepper, aged cheese, banana etc. are also should be avoided.
  6. Try oil massage: Oil massage is very effective for headache. In migraine pain, you can use hot oil massage. It can give you ultimate relief. Try to massage your scalp with the oil.it is very effective.

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  7. Try to use natural remedies: With the healing power, nature can heal anything. So before using artificial products try to use natural remedies. Lavender oil, basil oil, paper mint, tulsi etc. are very effective in headache. You can also use ginger as a remedy.
  8. Use cold therapy: Cold therapy is a good remedy for migraine. When you are suffering from a severe headache for migraine, use ice pack or cold wrap etc. It can relax your muscle and muscle tension.
  9. Try to avoid mental stress: Mind and body is interrelated. If your body is not healthy you cannot be happy, like that if your mind is not happy you may have to suffer from health related issues. Migraine is one of them. So to avoid migraine you should keep your mind stress free.
  10. Yoga: Yoga is very effective for the both body and mind. There are many pranayamas which can make your mind stress free and this also indirectly save you from migraine. Some effective pranayamas for migraine are bhramari, anulom vilom etc.

Remember one thing, if you are suffering from a severe headache, it’s better to consult with a physician before trying anything by yourself.


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