Levitra oral tablets: Uses and Facts Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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Levitra oral tablets: Uses and Facts

Levitra oral tablets: Uses and Facts

Prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men with increasing age has become a common scenario. This particular health condition can be seen to affect those men who have entered the age group of 40 years and above. This persistent inability of such men to sustain an erection has affected their lives significantly. Commonly experienced outcome of such a health condition can be a loss of self confidence and sometimes, a strife with his partner. Such a strife can also occur due to a lack of proper communication between the two persons. In such a condition, what one needs is a boost of confidence and a belief that he can overcome his troubling erectile problem. And there is nothing more reliable than an oral erectile dysfunction pill which is reliable for such treatment. Levitra- a popular ED pill for male impotence- can be one such solution.

The main benefits that an oral prescription ED pill like Levitra offers are-

  • In contrast to surgeries and use of external devices, ED pills are much more convenient for use. You can simply pop in a pill without having to go through an invasive procedure as in the case of surgeries.
  • It is a clinically approved erectile dysfunction medicine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its use back in the year 2003.
  • Purchase this ED pill Levitra online easily from any medical store of own choice. All you need is your doctor’s approval and a prescription.

Here are some useful facts on this erectile dysfunction pill.

Facts on Levitra:

Levitra facts

  • Levitra is simply the second in the series of erectile dysfunction pills which the FDA approved on August 19, 2003.
  • The active ingredient present in Levitra is Vardenafil. It belongs to the drug class called PDE5 inhibitor that helps in facilitating an erection.
  • One can ingest this ED pill with or without food – without having to worry about its effectiveness. It has proven efficacy in sustaining an erection even if you take it after a meal.
  • The pills come in the form of orally-disintegrating tablets of varied strengths. The doses mainly range from 2.5 mg to 20 mg.
  • Levitra works only when there is a sexual stimulation present. It does not induce any such stimulation.
  • Also, it is important to note that this medication does not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is only an aid for treating impotence in men.

How Levitra works:


The active ingredient Vardenafil can help to sustain an erection- by simply increasing the level of blood flow to the penile nerve.

Normally, an enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibits blood flow by clogging the blood vessels in the genital area. It affects an important chemical called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) which is present in the bloodstream.

Levitra (Vardenafil) can simply bind to the PDE5 enzyme, causing it to become inactive. The cGMP production increases and it helps in relaxing the muscles around the blood vessels. This makes the blood to flow freely to the penile nerve and as a result, it falls into the erectile tissue. As the erectile tissue becomes firm, the person can achieve an erection easily.

Levitra half-life:

The half life of Levitra is basically 4-6 hours, which is more than other ED pills like Viagra. Its peak effects can be seen within just 30 minutes of its intake and can last up to 6 hours. As the drug’s half life approaches its end, it quits through renal and non-renal routes, although the person can still obtain a normal erection.

Levitra dosage guide:

Levitra dosage

Normally, the ideal dose for Levitra daily is 2.5 to 5 mg. If you are taking a higher dose of 10-20 mg, then take the pill with a gap of few days.

  • You should take the dose 30 minutes prior to any physical intercourse.
  • Make sure to take the Levitra dose only once in a day. The doses should be at least 24 hours apart.
  • You can take the pill with or without food- as your doctor prescribes.
  • Try to avoid (or at least limit) alcohol intake at the time of taking this ED pill, as it can reduce its effectiveness.


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