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Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

ginger tea

ginger tea


Ginger root is used as a spice, especially in India. The roots of ginger are used as spice. It is also used as a remedy in Ayurveda. It can be used in various types. But, ginger tea is universally accepted way to use ginger. Ginger enrich in dietary fiber.  So, it is effective in controlling the cholesterol level. Not only this, ginger tea also can boost your immunity. Ginger can also help in digestion. So, Indian uses it as a spice in their curry so that it can upgrade the nutritional quality of the dish. Not only in India, in Malaysia also,  ginger is used in soup.

In our everyday life we have to face various types of problems. Some of the most common problems are sexual problems, various types of pain, cold and cough, heart diseases, various types of tensions, stress etc. You can find various types of supplements, pills, syrups to cure all these. But, don’t forget that nature is our mother and it has the healing power. Ginger is one product of nature. Drinking one cup of ginger tea can refresh you, from head to toe. So, to get relief from the health issues, make the habit of taking green tea.

ginger tea

Components of Ginger

There are various types of components you can find in ginger. But these six, which are mentioned below, are found more in quantity.


         (per 6 gm)

1.   Dietary Fiber ( 0.12g)·         Helps to maintain cholesterol level

·         Helps in maintaining the blood sugar level

·         Help to maintain your weight

2.   Water ( 4.73)·         Hydrate your body

·         Helps to maintain the digestive system

·         Remove the waste from body

3.   Calcium ( 0.96mg)·         Strengthen the bones and teeth

·         Useful for muscles and nerves also

·         Helps to keep your heart healthy.

4.   Potassium  ( 24.90mg)·         Helpful for muscle health

·         Control the blood sugar

·         Maintain the blood pressure

5.   Magnesium ( 2.58mg)·         It can keep your bone strong and healthy

·         Control your psychological state of mind

·         Good in controlling type 2 diabetes

·         Inflammatory properties

Benefits of ginger tea



There are various usefulness of ginger tea. But here we cannot write all the points. So here is written the most important and common usefulness of ginger tea.

  1.   Reduce inflammation: The magnesium of ginger can help you to get relief from inflammation. We have to face the problem of inflammation because of various reasons like body pain. Not only in the form of tea, we can also use ginger in pain problems by applying it in affected area.
  2.   Good for asthma: Ginger tea is also good for asthma. It acts as the Non Steroid Anti inflammatory drug. It also reduces the psychological stress which can lead to asthma
  3.   Helps in digestion: 70% of ginger contains water. So it can help to improve our digestive system. The anti-inflammatory ginger also help to digest our food easily. So adding it in food dish can be a good decision.
  4.   Improve the blood circulation: Ginger can also improve the blood circulation. Blood circulation in a proper way is very important to be healthy. It can reduce various problems like blood pressure, erectile dysfunction etc.
  5.   Helps to control menstrual problems: Ginger also useful to solve the menstrual problems like menstrual cramp. So, if you are suffering from any kind of pain during your period days, just take a cup of ginger tea.
  6.   Immunity booster: The antioxidant of ginger tea can boost the immunity. It can also kill the bacteria.
  7.   Protect from Alzheimer: The magnesium of ginger tea can control the psychological state of mind. The antioxidants of ginger tea have the capacity to cure Alzheimer disease.
  8.   Control the weight: Ginger is rich in dietary fiber. So it is helpful in maintaining the body weight. Because we all know about the effective use of fiber in controlling the weight.
  9.   Relieve tired muscles: Many components of ginger, like potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. can also help you to relieve tired as those are useful for muscle and bone health.
  10.  Prevent stroke and heart disease: As the ginger tea can control cholesterol level, thus it prevents stroke and heart disease also. Cholesterol is the main reason of stroke and heart problems.

5 recipes of ginger tea


ginger tea

  • Take one cup of water, take 2 pieces of grated ginger and give it in the water and boil it, you can also use a little honey for better test.
  • Take one cup of water; boil it with tea leaf, ginger and honey. Now drink it. It can boost your mood immediately.
  • You can also add ginger in milk tea. This tasty drink can give you refreshment.
  • If you are suffering from cold, take one glass of water. Then mix black pepper powder and ginger with the water and boil it. After drinking it, you will feel better.
  • For cold ginger tea, take ginger, one spoon lemon juice, sweetener (what you want) and an ice cube. Then boil the water with ginger and sweetener. After it become cool, add lemon juice and ice cube and enjoy the tea.

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