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Health Benefits of Lime


health benefits of lime

Lime is a citrus fruit. It is a rich source of vitamins. Many diseases can be prevented by lime it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D. There are various types of health benefits of lime.



lime fruits

1.Weight Control: Lime water is very effective for weight loss. The citric acid of lime can boost the metabolism and burn calories. Thus it helps in weight control.

2.Improve Digestion: Lime is a rich source of citric acid. This can help in the digestion of food. So, if you are suffering from digestion problem, drink one glass of lime water.

3.Prevent Infection: The anti bacterial lime is also effective in preventing infection. The vitamin C and anti occident of lime can strengthen our immune system. A strong immune system can fight bacteria and save us for inflectional diseases like cold and fever.

4.Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation can be the cause of pain in the body. Lime juice can help to reduce inflammation in the body.


5.Control Blood Sugar: Lime is a good source of vitamin C. So it also can be a ray of hope for the diabetic patient. It can help in the absorbing of sugar in the blood flow. Thus it can control the blood sugar.

6.Treat Arthritis: Excessive uric acid is a common cause of arthritis. In the citric acid of lime, the uric acid can dissolve. The extra amount is drained with the urine. Thus it helps to treat arthritis. All the citric foods are basically inflammatory.

7.Good for Asthma: Lime is also good for asthma. The asthma patient should take one tablespoon of lime one hour before the meal. It is very effective.

8. Good for Skin: It is also effective for skin health. For a good skin, you can use it in various ways. It has the anti aging agent. It can reduce body odor. You can also use the lime juice as a toner or cleanser.

4 ways to use lime


lime juice with honey and warm water

Warm water with lime: Lime with water effective in reducing weight. To make this, you just need one cup of warm water and one table spoon of lime juice. For better result, you should use honey in this juice. Drink it in every morning. It will help you to stay fit and healthy.


cup of green tea with lime

Lime with green tea: Use lime in green tea. It will promote the effectiveness of green tea. Lime also helps to increase the test of green tea. Take one tea spoon lime with a cup of green tea. By drinking this in every morning, you can stay fit and healthy.


lime & cucumber juice

Cucumber lime juice: Cucumber lime juice has the anti-inflammatory agent. To make this, you need one cup of cucumber juice, two tablespoons of lime juice. Then mix both and you can use a pinch of salt in it for better use.


lemon juice with mint

Lime and mint juice: It is a refreshing juice. To make this juice, you need one glass of water, two table spoons of lime juice, a pinch of salt, half table spoon sugar and three or four mint leaves. Mix the lime juice in water. Then add salt, sugar and mint leaves. It will give you a refreshing feel.


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