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Does Waklert really keep you awake?

smart drug


Here I will be talking about an interesting smart drug that is equally effective and good like the other available in the market. Smart drugs as the name suggest works smartly to boost our brain making us alert and active. One such smart drug is Waklert. Armodafinil is the generic name for Waklert which is used to treat narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, and obstructive sleep apnea.  One very interesting thing about Waklert is that it is twice stronger than Modafinil which means a small dose can equally work for effectiveness. Being a brain booster its helps in promoting wakefulness and keeps our focus,alert and experience the goodness of the smart pill.

smart drug

Its Uses

The working mechanism of  this smart pill is it gives an instant boost to your brain and it works by modulating the chemical messenger’s level in the brain thus exerts a stimulant effect to reduce extreme sleepiness. Before you start taking the medicine it is always advisable to consult a Doctor.  Chewing or breaking the pill is not always advisable in case of certain pills, and to break this confusion of what amount to take and what not there are different levels of doses available. the pill should be swallowed as a whole and you can consume it with food or without food but there is an advice that you must take this medicine at a fixed time.


Since it’s a smart drug; it does its function smartly with various advantages. So few of the benefits of this Nootropic are

  • People having conditions like daytime fatigue, sleep apnea, narcolepsy etc, are prescribed by the Doctors to take the pill
  • Waklert is twice stronger compared to Modafinil, as a result, a small dose can work very effectively.
  • The most important advantage of Waklert is that it helps to promote wakefulness and keeps an individual alert, awake and active.
  • For its wide range of optimizing brain function, it has become popular.
  • Also helps in to improve the mental fluidity.
  • It can resist fatigue and keeps your mood good
  • Since it reduces impulsive response thus helps in making the right decision.

Isn’t the advantages are amazing? So, to enjoy the goodness of this smart pill go grab your smart pill.

smart pill

Things to remember

  • Do not take the medicine if you are on vitamins, herbal supplements etc.
  • The smart pill helps you with sleepiness but it may not get rid of all the sleepiness.
  • Do not operate any mechanical device or drive.
  • This smart pill may make your hormonal contraception less effective.
  • The smart pill is not recommended if you are conceiving or planning to conceive.

These are some the impotent thing that should be kept in mind to get the best result of it.

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