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Chronic Pain: Overview and Solutions


Chronic pain is the body’s natural response to harm. It occurs when receptors at the end of your nerves, called nociceptors, are turned on because of an illness, injury or chemical changes within the body. When a nociceptor is turned on, a signal travels through the spinal cord to the brain, which recognizes the signal pain it is often difficult to treat. Various medicines are there , depending on whether the pain originates from tissue damage or is the neuropathic chronic pain is pain that lasts more than six months or longer or extends beyond an expected recovery period. It is often the result of an illness or injury.

People with chronic pain tend to have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances; these are correlations and it is often not clear which factor causes another. Chronic pain may contribute to decreased physical activity due to fear of exacerbating pain, often resulting in weight gain. Pain intensity, pain control, and resiliency to pain are influenced by different levels and types of social support that a person with chronic pain receives. Pain results from a signal sent from your nerves to your brain. It can serve as an alarm, a warning — that you’re stepping on a nail or touching a hot stove. But sometimes the signals keep firing, and the pain continues. That’s when it becomes chronic.


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There are various types of treatment options for people with chronic pain. The goal of pain management is to provide symptom relief and improve an individual’s level of functioning in daily activities. A number of types of medications are there which can help in the management of chronic pain. Interestingly, by stopping smoking, caffeine, reducing weight, exercising, optimizing nutrition or sleep etc also useful to get relief from chronic pain . Chronic pain requires the diligent monitoring of caring healthcare providers

Solutions of chronic pain



Medication is only one part of the overall management strategy for chronic pain. Meditations can be effective for some types of pain, but not all pain responds completely to medication alone. So combine medications with physical and psychological methods to get best result. Meditation is a particularly great option because the benefits are many and the risks are none. And unlike some other alternative treatments, scientific studies have shown that meditation can diminish pain. Meditation for chronic pain has been steadily gaining support because  just 20-minute meditation sessions can help decrease the perception of pain.



Walk more: It’s one of the best prescriptions we have to help chronic pain. Daily pain tends to make people less active, and that often makes pain worse. Exercise also releases endorphin — the body’s natural painkillers. Aim to walk — or exercise in other ways — five times a week for 30 minutes a day. Work up to it slowly, adding a few minutes a week. It’s an excellent form of light aerobic exercise, which provides a list of healing benefits: It brings oxygen and nutrition to your muscles to keep them healthy, helps rebuild stamina, boosts energy, and reduces stiffness and pain.


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