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September 4, 2017
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Black Pepper for Pain Relief


black pepper


Black pepper is a spice which belongs to the piperaceae family. Black pepper is basically cultivated in the tropical climate. Though it is used as a spice, it has also various types of health benefits.It helps in digestion, weight loss, pain relieving etc.

In our day to day life, we have to face various types of health issues. The most common problems of our life are digestion problems, various types of pain, obesity, sexual problems, psychological problems etc. To prevent these problems, before taking artificial help, we should try natural remedies. Black pepper can be a good remedy for various types of problems. Especially in preventing various types of pain black pepper oil is very effective

How black pepper works?

Black pepper is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. The main element of it is piperine which is the main weapon of black pepper. It can fight against many problems of health. Piperine is effective in
· Inflammation
· Arthritis
· Pain
It can block three substances which are not good for our health. Those substances are
Ø Interleukin and prostaglandin which are pro-inflammatory
Ø MMP13 which can be the cause of arthritis and metastasis.



black pepper-the natural pain reliever

· Manganese 37%
· Vitamin K 11%
· Copper 9%
· Fibre 6%
· Calcium 3%
· Chromium 3%
· Iron 3%

Health Benefits

1. Promote weight loss: The outer layer of black pepper helps in the destruction of body fat cells. Thus it helps in weight loss.
2. Helps in digestion: Consumption of black pepper helps in the increasing of hydrochloride acid secretion in the stomach. In results the healthy digestive system in our body.
3. Antibacterial quality: The anti bacterial quality of black pepper helps in preventing infection.
4. Anti-occidental: Anti-Occident is very important for our body. It can prevent various dangerous diseases like cancer. Black pepper has the anti-occidental quality also.
5. Cognitive impairment: black pepper is also effective in cognitive enhancement
6. Prevent asthma: Black pepper can also effective in asthma also. In India, one who is suffering from cold, he is offered the black pepper curry to eat.

Pain benefits of black pepper


antioxidant of black pepper

· Muscle pain: Muscle pain is a common problem of us. It is also known as Myalgia. The anti-inflammatory property of black pepper can help to reduce pain. One who is suffering from pain, he should massage the affected area with black pepper oil.

· Tendonitis: It is the inflammation of tissues connecting muscles to bone. Black pepper is anti inflammatory. So it is also effective in tendonitis.

· Arthritis: Arthritis is a very common and painful disease. There are various types of arthritis. In this type of arthritis black pepper oil is very effective. Not only black pepper oil, you can also use black pepper powder to eat. It is also effective for arthritis.

· Rheumatism: It is the inflammation of joints, muscles, and tissues. Use of black pepper oil or consumption of black pepper powder can reduce the inflammation of rheumatism.

· Neck pain: In neck pain, the black pepper oil is very effective. The message of black pepper oil in the affected area can immediately reduce pain.



Who should avoid black pepper?

Ø Abdominal surgery patients should avoid black pepper.
Ø Excessive use of black pepper can cause irritation effects on the intestines
Ø You should avoid black pepper if you are allergic to piperine.

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