Back pain: Major problem of Women Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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August 15, 2017
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August 16, 2017
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Back pain: Major problem of Women

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Women are the homemakers. They keep our home beautiful and attractive. But in this process, they have to go through various types of pain. Back pain is a major and common pain that have to face by the women. Women have to go through various types of pressure. Along with the household works, many of them also have their job. Because of these pressures, various types of pain can attack the woman’s body. Among them joint pain and back pain are the most common. Out of 100, almost 95 women are suffering from these two types of pain.

A woman is the driver of her family. She takes care of everyone of her family. But she forgets about herself. Ignorance is the main reason of the back pain in women. If a woman, along with the family members, starts to take care of her health, not only the pain, she can also get rid of various types of health problems.

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Causes of Back Pain in Women

     INJURIES:  During the day to day life, a woman can go through various types of injuries which can lead her to back pain. She can slip and fall down which may cause problem in the nervous system or problem in the bones. So it is a very common cause of back pain in women.

     DISEASES: Various types of diseases like spinal stenosis; Spondylitis, kidney stone, miscarriage etc can be the causes of back pain in women. There are many other serious diseases which can be discussed with doctors; they are also can be the causes of back pain in women.

     INCREASING AGE: Increasing age is also a cause of back pain. With the age the bones and nerves become weak. These weak nerves and bones can cause back pain in aged women. So after a specific age, women should take rest.

     PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME: Menstruation is a very painful process that has to suffer by women. They have to suffer from period cramps and many types of pains. Back pain in women, sometimes, is a premenstrual syndrome. Women have to suffer this type of back pain just before the menstruation.

     ENDOMETRIOSIS: Endometriosis also can be a cause of back pain in women. In endometriosis, the tissue that covers the inside of the uterus comes outside.

 ARTHRITIS: Arthritis is a disease which is a type of joint pain. Arthritis also can be the cause of back pain in women. There are various types arthritis.

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Solutions of Back Pain

  1. Take care of your sleep: Sleeping position is very important for our health. To get rid of back pain, we should sleep on our back. We should also take care of our mattress. Sometimes because of the mattress, we have to suffer from back pain.
  2. Maintain your weight: Because of the overweight we have to suffer from many types of problems. Back pain is one of them. So women should maintain their weight to get rid of back pain.
  3. Take care of your sitting position: Sitting straight is a good habit. When we work in office, we have

    to sit for long time. So if the sitting posture is not right, it can cause back pain. That is why everyone should take care of the sitting position.

  4. Massage can be a good option: If you are already suffering from back pain, body massage can be a good option. For better result you can use painkiller ointments.
  5. Painkiller: Sometimes, in severe back pain, you can use painkiller. OTC (Over the Counter) painkillers like soma, Tramadol are best among all, because these are easily available.
  6.   Yoga: Yoga is the best remedy for many physical and mental problemsWithout any side effect, it can cure your pain. Here are four easy yoga for back pain

 A. Spine Lengthening: Sit on the floor by crossing your legs. If you want to do it in standing position, make sure that your feet are in parallel position. While you are breathing, slowly raise your hands from the both side and interlink your fingers together. Now bring your hands from front to top and stretch it as much as you can, but do not do it force fully. Hold this position for 20 seconds. It is a very effective yoga for any problem in spinal cord.

B. Two knee twist: Lie on your back in a straight position. Spread your arms and bend your knees into your chest. Now twist your lower part to the side ward. Switch the sides in regular interval. Keep both arms pressing down firmly and don’t move the upper parts. Hold 1 to 2 minutes for both sides.

C. Down wards position: Come on your knees and hands, now keep the weight on your hand and lift your knees by keeping your hips upwards. Relax the muscles of your neck and look at your thighs. Be in this position for 4 to 5 minutes.


D. Triangle position: Stand in a straight position by feet apart. Spread your arms straight side. Now try to touch the foot by bending side wards. At the same time you have to look at your other hand which is pointing upwards. Hold this position for 5 to 7 minutes before switching side.

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Back pain is a very common problem which we have to face in our daily life, there are solutions also. Among all the remedies OTC painkillers can give you quick relief. You can find it in any online pharmacy.

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