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November 6, 2017
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November 6, 2017
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Artvigil 150 mg: Overview and Guidelines

smart drug

People need means to increase their productivity because it helps them excel. Smart drugs are one such means. Smart drugs and cognitive enhancers are, first of all, drugs, supplements, and other substances that improve cognitive function. In addition, the generic name for Artvigil is Armodafinil.


One such drug is Artvigil 150 mg. It is approved by the US FDA and is successfully curing various sleep disorders. This drug has helped millions of users to pack a punch into their everyday living, and continues to help probably millions.

Composition of Artvigil

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Melanocortin
  • Adenosine
  • COMT
  • Galanin
  • GABA transaminase
  • Melatonin
  • Orexin-1
  • Orphanin
  • Tyrosine hydroxylase

Artvigil 150 mg: Overview and Guidelines


Artvigil 150 mg (Armodafinil) helps to promote wakefulness and alertness in individuals. Artvigil 150 mg is also assumed to treat ADD (Attention-deficit disorder), ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, and schizophrenia1 by some researchers. Although no concrete evidence has yet been provided.

Pros & Cons


  • Artvigil 150 mg helps you to be more active and productive in your life.
  • It also increases the functioning capacity of your brain and keeps you active.
  • This smart drug helps to get rid of sleep disorders.
  • It improves your cognitive performance.
  • In many cases, this drug is seen to have helped people suffering from depression.


  • Mild headache, nausea, dizziness etc. are some of the most common side effects.
  • In some cases, this drug shows some side effects of insomnia. 
  • It is shown to have some allergic reactions sometimes as well.
  • It is therefore highly advisable to consult a doctor before taking this drug.



  • The medicine should not be taken with alcohol 
  • When you are using Artvigil then avoid using other smart drugs. 
  • Taking of Caffeine with this medicine can increase the chances of getting a side effect from this medicine. 
  • Also Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to avoid this drug
  • When suffering from any kind of heart and kidney disorder then you must positively avoid using this medicine. 
  • Medical help should be immediately administered in case of an allergic reaction.

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