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August 16, 2017
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    7 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Brain

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Yoga-Science of life


Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means union. Maharishi Patanjali was the father of yoga. Because of yoga, it is said that there were many rishi-munis who were lived in the world more than normal people. We, modern people have to face many types of mental and physical problems. So is very useful for us. Because of the mental stress, now days, we have to suffer from a big problem and that is forget about the important things. In this problem also, yoga can be a good option.

Brain is the most important part of our body. If it is not functioning right, we are unable to do anything.Now days we have to suffer from various types of stress and it directly effects our brain. So, to make our brain more and more active, we must do yoga.Yoga, more than physical, it is a spiritual activity that can make your life discipline and beautiful. Yoga was started in India. But now, many people from all over the world are learning yoga because of its usefulness. Yoga is basically related to the Indian philosophy. Yoga not only help us to stay physically healthy. Yoga also can enhance our brain. A sound brain is very important to be active in these days.


Branches of Yoga


yoga- makes us smarter

  1.      Raja yoga
  2.      Karma yoga
  3.      Bhakti yoga
  4.      Jnana yoga
  5.      Tantra yoga
  6.      Hatha yoga

Usefulness of yoga

  1.     Yoga strengthens the body muscle and can make you stronger.
  2.     Doing yoga can make your body more flexible.
  3.     Yoga can cure various types of pain like back pain or joint pain.
  4.     Yoga increases the blood flow in your body if you regularly practice it.
  5.     It can make the bone stronger.
  6.     Yoga can make your mind stress free.
  7.     Yoga is the immunity booster
  8.     It also helps to stay focus which can be helpful in our day today work
  9.     Yoga can make the heart healthier because it increases the heart rate
  10.     Yoga helps to maintain a good digestive system.

Some important facts to remember

While doing yoga, you have to remember. Otherwise, you have to suffer from reverse effect of yoga.

  • Without proper training yoga can be dangerous
  • Some yoga poses are very dangerous, without proper support and training doing those yoga can be very risky
  • To do yoga, you have to follow some rules and regulation. For example, you cannot take heavy meal before 4 hours and after four hours of doing yoga.
  • Don’t do yoga forcefully, if your body is not accompanying you during yoga, don’t do it.

yoga for brain enhancing

 7 yoga that can boost your brain

Along with the physical problems, yoga can also improve our memory function. Here are eight easy yoga steps which can help in the memory enhancement.

a)      Padmasana: To do Padmasana, you have to sit in cross-legged position. Keep your back straight position. In this asana the feet is placed in the opposite position. Keep your hand on your knees and start to take long breath.

Benefits- This asana can make your brain calm and refresh your brain.

b)   Sukhasana: It is basically a simple sitting yoga. While you are sitting, try to get the knees at the same level. Keep the hips open so that the knees are held near the ground. Then bounce the knees like butter fly. Make sure that your back is in straight position.

Benefits: This asana can calm your mind, enhance the peace of your mind and kick out the stress and anxiety from your life

c)   Vajrasana: Settle down and extend your legs backward by keeping them together. Make sure that your big toes of each leg touch each other. Place your hands on your knees by looking forward. Put your back and head in a straight position. Now, start to take deep breath. Focus on breathing only. Try to do it from 5 to 10 minutes.

Benefits: Aid to functioning of brain and concentration.



d)   Anulom vilom: It is a pranayama. To do it sit in Padmasana by closing your eyes. Now close your right nostril with the right thumb and inhale slowly with the left nostril. Fill your lung with oxygen as much as you can. Now, close your left nostril with the right middle finger and exhale the air and then again inhale the fresh air with the same right nostril. Continue this process for five minutes.

Benefits: It can cure mental problems like anxiety and depression.

e)      Bhramari: Sit in Padmasana; press your ear points with your thumbs. Now, place your index finger in your forehead and close your eyes with the other fingers. Start to inhale the fresh air deeply and slowly. With that, by keeping the mouth close, make a humming sound “hmmmm” like the bee. Try to do it for 10 to 20 minutes in a day.

Benefits: Sooth the mind, and keep away the stress. Because of the humming sound, it works the whole body and mind. It also helps to reduce tension.

f)       Bakasana: In English, it is known as crane posture. Stand in the straight position. Then bend towards the ground. Now keep your all weight on your hands and lift your feet from the ground. Make sure that your feet are in the same level.

Benefits: It increases the mental strength.

g)      Tadasana: Stand on the ground in a straight position. Be sure that your feet are in parallel position. While you are breathing, slowly raise your hands from the both side and interlink your fingers together. After that, bring your hands from front to top and stretch it as much as you can. At the same time keep breathing slowly.

Benefits: Tadasana can make our nervous system strong which is also helpful for our brain function.

In conclusion, i have to say that along with the yoga, there are various natural and artificial brain enhancers which can also be your good companion. Artificial enhancer you can find in any pharmacy. But online pharmacy is the best option to get it.



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