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5 Foods to avoid in pain


foods can cause pain

Pain is a usual but irritating experience which we have to feel in our daily life. There are various things that can affect our health. Pain is also affected by various kinds of things. Psychological health, our food habits etc. can affect our body pain. Food is an important part of our life. But sometimes improper food can affect our body. In some diseases, some foods are not good to eat. In pain also some foods are prohibited. Some foods can make bad effect in our pain. So we should not eat those kinds of foods.

Types of Pain


pain body

According to the body parts, there are various types of pain. Some of them are most common.

  • Joint pain: Joint pain occurs in the joints of our body which may occur because of various reasons.
  • Nerve pain: Nerves pain occurs in our body when the nerves are displaced or malfunctioning.
  • Muscle pain: There are various causes of muscle pain. If you are suffering from the muscle pain, it may attack you at any part of your body. Muscle pain is also known as Myalgia.
  •  Migraine: Myalgia is a type of headache that occurs because of some physical or psychological causes. 

Avoidable foods in Pain


avoid refined oil

Dairy Products: We all know about dairy product. The common fact which we all know about dairy product is that it is rich of protein and good for our health. But it is dangerous for pain. The protein of dairy products can be the cause of inflammation and pain in our joints. Pasteurized dairy products are more dangerous for joint pain and other chronic pain.

Refined oil: We all know about the vegetable refined oil as the healthy oil. But it is not a correct concept. Vegetable oils like corn oil; soy oil etc can be the cause of pain and inflammation in the body. 

Sugar: Sugar is dangerous for various diseases. It is the worst food for joint and muscle pain in our body. Sugar-sweetened soft drinks are also not good for pain. A 2014 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states the increasing risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women. It is the result of the regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soda, Sugar product also contributes in weight gain.

Refined grains & flour: Refined grains and flours also give fuel to the inflammation as those are pro-inflammatory. Daily consumption of wheat product can be very dangerous. It can even be the cause of cancer, diabetes etc. Instead of those wheat products, we should eat brown rice, whole grain etc.

Egg: Egg is rich in protein. But it also can be the cause of swelling and pain in joints. Especially the egg yolks are dangerous which can create inflammation in the body. Egg yolk is also responsible for the increasing saturated fat in the body. So we should try to avoid egg yolks.


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