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5 Common Sexual Problems of Men


erectile dysfunction: men's sexual problem

Sex is very important to lead a happy life. To have sex, we must have a healthy life. There various facts which impact on our sex life, from personal to social. Both men and women have different sex life. For that, they also have different sex related problems. The man has various types of sexual problem. Before knowing the solution, we should know about its causes.

Erectile dysfunction:

It is a sexual problem of men. In this problem, a man has problem of having an erection during sexual activity. Most of the case, it is seen in the men in between the age of 40 to 70. It is also known as impotence.


There are various causes of erectile dysfunction. Some of them are most common:
a. Diabetes
b. Mental stress
c. Consumption of addictive things
d. Obesity
e. Increasing age


Erectile dysfunction is not a disease, it is a sexual problem of man. There are some solutions also,
1. Maintain diet
2. Keep your mind stress free
3. Control your weight
4. Do regular yoga
5. Take the help of OTC drug


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Balanitis is an infectious disease that is seen in skin of male’s penis. Many times it has been noticed in the uncircumcised men. A man who is suffering from this problem, he may also have to experience swelling and irritation in his penis.


The causes of balanitis are as follows
a) Bacteria can be the cause of balanitis
b) It also can be the side effect of Sexually Transmitted diseases like syphilis.
c) Diabetes
d) Chemical reaction might be one of the cause.


This problems also have some solutions
· Be hygienic
· Try to control sugar and carbohydrate in your diet
· Have safe sex
· Consult with physician

Priapism :

Priapism is the painful erection of penis. It happens because of the abnormal blood flow in penis. It is experience by a new born baby also. There are two types of priapism- low flow priapism and high flow priapism.


Causes of priapism are
· Blood disorder
· Injury
· Consumption of alcohol or smoking
· Disorder in the metabolism


healthy diet is important for healthy life


1. Cold therapy: take the help of ice pack
2. Talk with doctor
3. Surgery
4. Remove blood from penis

Benign prostatic hyperplasia:

In this problem, the prostate gland of males enlarge and it create problem during urination process. Almost all man have to experience this in age. Its not a disease.

Cause :

The main cause of BPH is aging. The hormonal change in the male’s’ body in a specific age is the cause of Benign prostatic hyperplasia.


enlarge prostate is a common problem of old man



1. Urinate rapidly.
2. Try to leave the habit of consumption of alcohol.

3. Manage your psychological balance
4. Yoga is the best option to prevent any physical problem.
5. Try OTC drugs

Peyronie’s disease:

It is nothing else, it is a type of erectile dysfunction. Peyronie’s disease makes a bend in penis which is painful.it happens because of the change or scar in the tissues of the penis.

· Most of the time, injury in the penis is the main cause of peyronie’s disease
· It also can be genetically transfers from one to another generation
· Age also can be factor which can be the cause of this disease.


1. Physical exercise
2. Leave alcohol and smoking habit
3. Surgery
4. Remove the tissue

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