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August 19, 2017
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August 22, 2017
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10 Healthy Juices to Build your Immunity

drink fruit water

fruit juices-immunity booster

Drinking juice is a good habit to maintain good health. We all know about the importance water in our body. The juices are rich in vitamins and minerals of vegetables and fruits along with the water. You can find various types of goodness in juice. It can help you to reduce your extra fat, but also it can give you lots of energy. Juice is the immunity booster for our health.

A healthy immune system is really essential for a good health. It can protect us from various types of diseases. Actually immunity system is the army, which consists of cells, organs and tissues. It can protect us from harmful viruses and bacteria.You can find various types of remedies, which can build your immunity. But, we all know the power of nature. So we should always try to use the natural things. Fruits are one of them. Though most of us hate fruits, but we all love juice. So we should drink fruit and vegetable  juices which can keep us healthy.


Immunity booster  juices


strawberry juice


  1.    Strawberry and Mango juice: Strawberry and mango have various types components which are good for our health.
  •     It can build immunity.
  •    It has the anti-aging agents because of what it is good for old people.
  •    This juice is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, Iron, Folate etc.Strawberry boost the brain, strengthens the tissue and heals wound.
  •    Mango is good for maintaining the pressure, clearing the skin and improves the digestive system.
  1.    Orange and grapefruit juice: Fruits are very good for our health. It contains various types of minerals and vitamins.
  •    Orange and grapefruit juice is rich in vitamin c, which has the healing power, can fight with infection and increases the immunity system.
  •     It is also rich in Zinc and folic acid which is very effective for our health.
  1.    Tomato, Carrot and Apple juice: Tomato, Carrot and Apple juice is very effective for good health. This juice is rich in antioxidant, vitamin C and vitamin A.
  •    This triple fruits juice is beneficial for the formation of skin structural protein collagen and prevents infection also.
  •    Apple, Carrot and Tomato juice is also an energy booster.


  • immunitygrape fruit juice
  1.    Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate is known as the natural Viagra. There are various types of goodness ofpomegranate juice.
  •    The antioxidants of pomegranate juice are helpful for anti-aging.
  •     It also enhances the sexual stamina.
  •    Pomegranate juice also can fight medical conditions like heart diseases, arthritis, high blood pressure etc.
  1.    Beet Juice: Beet juice is very helpful for the goodness of our health.it has various types of affectivity.
  •    Beet juice enhance male sexual function as it increases the blood flow in the body. You can also find various types of pills, especially Levitra, Cialis and Viagra which are also effective in male sexual function.
  •     It can also help in super healthy testosterone level.
  •    Beet juice is also effective in reducing the stress level.
  1.    Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe Vera has various types of meditative usefulness,
  •    The Aloe Vera  juice can increase the testosterone level which is a men`s sexual hormone.
  •    It also increases sexual energy.
  •    Aloe Vera is very effective in skin diseases and growth of hair also.
  1.    Cranberry juice: Cranberry juice basically helpful for the women. It comprises of various types of minerals. It has vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin E  and vitamin K.
  •    Cranberry juice also provides energy, protein, and carbohydrate.
  •    It can prevent cancer, strengthen bones and control obesity.
  •    Cranberry juice is also helpful for the old aged problem of memory loss.
  1. immunitycranberry juice
  1.    Lemon juice: Lemon juice is the most common and easily available fruit juice. But it has various types of affectivity
  •    Lemon juice contains vitamin C which along with the prevention of various types of skin diseases. Italso helps in the healthy growth of hair.
  •    This juice also helps in preventing dehydration.
  •     Various types of minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper etc. also you can find in lemon juice.
  1.    Turmeric juice: Turmeric has the healing power. This juice is good for various types of diseases.
  •    It can treat Alzheimer disease.
  •    This juice also can prevent cancer
  •    . If you can drink one glass of turmeric juice daily, then your digestive system can work in a good way.
  •    It can also heal heart problems and arthritis pain.
  1.    Cucumber juice: Cucumber juice is rich in vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. The usefulness of cucumber juice are-
  •    It can keep us hydrate
  •    It is also good for skin and hair
  •    Cucumber juice can help in controlling the blood pressure
  •    It soothes joint and muscle pains
  •    It is also good for diabetics.



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