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10 Health Benefits of Green Tea


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Green tea is a type of tea which is different from the general tea. It is very effective for various types of health issues. This tea extracts are also used to make various types of ayurvedic medications. Green tea was originated in China. But now it is popular in all over the world because of its usefulness. It is made without sugar. This tea can cure various diseases, and also it decreases the mortality risk. It has zero calories for which it can help you to control your cholesterol level. Its antioxidant is also good for our health.

We every day have to fight various types of health problems, from mental to physical. We have to suffer from various pains, sexual problems, allergies, stress etc. you can find many remedies for those problems in the market. But how can we forget about the healing power of the nature? Green tea is a health drink which can prevent various health problems and also can refresh you. Maybe you don’t like the bitter test of it, but you can drink it by adding honey or lime. It can reduce the bitterness of green tea.


green tea

green tea-the health drink

Types of green tea

There are various types of green tea. China is the country which produces highest quantity of this tea. But Japan and Korea also produce it.

CountriesTypes of green teas
ChinaGunpowder, Dragon well, Green snail spring, Snowy mountain jian, Hyson Lucky Dragon.
JapanGyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, Houjicha, Kukicha, Genmaicha.
KoreaUjeon, Sejak, Jungjak, Daejak
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Components of Green Tea

Catechins·         Decreases cholesterol

·         Prevent cancer

Caffeine·         Increase body activeness
Theanine·         Protect our cells

·         Lowering of blood pressure

Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Carotene·         Healthy skin

·         Night time vision

Saponins·         Prevent influenza
Fluorine·         Healthy teeth
Minerals- potassium, calcium, manganese etc·         Biological regulator
Chlorophyle·         Prevent bad breath


green tea

tea leaf

10 Health Benefits of Green Tea


  1.   Improve brain function: Green tea can make you smarter by keeping your brain active throughout the day. The caffeine of this tea makes our body and brain active and alert too. We all know that large amount of caffeine is not good for our health. But this tea contains limited amount of caffeine. It contains an acid L- Theanine also which can cross the blood barrier of brain. According to many people, green tea is able to increase their productivity.
  2.   Control the fats level: Green tea speed up the metabolism and burn calories. Caffeine helps to transform the fatty acid to energy and also it is low in calorie. So it can help to lose weight. Catechin is also good for burning the fats. This tea also helps you to prevent obesity.
  3.   Decreases the chances of cancer:  The green tea is the proven drink which can decrease the chances of cancer. Because of antioxidants, this tea is effective is sieging cancer. It is effective in
  •         Preventing  the negative breast cancer cells
  •         Restricts androgen of prostate cancer
  •         Preventing the growth of the cervical cancer cells
  1.   Heart Benefits: Green tea can prevent the obesity also which is good for a healthy heart. It is very effective for the fruitful functions of large arteries. The flavonoids, which is an antioxidant of this tea, works as the guard of heart.
  2.   Immunity booster: Now days, green tea is also used as a immunity booster. Because of its high level of antioxidants, it can prevent various types of health problems, from influenza to cancer. Apart from its anti cancerous function, this tea can also make you active and alert throughout the day.
  3.   Prevent diabetes:  Diabetes is a common problem of modern people. This tea can reduce the risk of diabetes as it
  • Decreases the fasting glucose level
  • Reduce fasting insulin level

green tea

                     tea garden

  1.   Control blood pressure:  It also can control the blood pressure. The Theanine of this tea is effective for lowering the blood pressure.
  2.   Keep away Depression: It can help you to keep away depression also which is a big problem of modern days. There is a component call serotonin which is important for our brain. The L-Theanine of this cross the blood barrier of brain and produce more serotonin. Serotonin is very useful to cure depression.
  3.   Good for eyes: Green tea is effective for eyes also. The flavonoids of this can prevent
  • Cataract,
  • Age related mascular degeneration
  • Some types of glaucoma.
  • Carotene of green tea can improve the night time vision.
  1.  Prevent allergies: In a research of Japan, the researchers identify a compound in green tea which can block a key cell receptor that can produce allergic response. In east, from the very early age, people have been using it to prevent sneezing, coughing etc.

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