10 Ayurvedic Remedies for Joint Pain Buy Online Pharmacy Pills
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10 Ayurvedic Remedies for Joint Pain


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Ayurveda was born in India which is a system of medical treatment by using the naturally available things. The meaning of Ayurveda is ” knowledge of Life”. Dhanatari is  the father of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is too effective that no days many people from other countries go to India to get the Ayurvedic treatment.

Along with the outer world, we, modern people have to compete with our own self. So we have to work more. This extra pressure of work can lead us various types of problems. Joint pain is a common problem of present days. There are neumorus causes of joint pain. Sometimes, joint pain is chronic and some time acute.

It is very important to treat joint pain. Most of time, we neglect our physical problems because of various reason. It can be very dangerous in our further future. If we don’t have the time to go to doctor then we can also cure it with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is very effective and also you can made your remedies at home.


5 Most Common Types of Joint Pain

  1. Ankylosing Spondylitis: It is a disease of the spine where there is the problem to move the joints between the vertebrae. It occurs mainly in the age between 20 to 40 years of ages.
  2. Back pain: There are various causes of back pain. But most of the time, we have to suffer the lower back pain because of the pain in the joint of our waist.
  3. Gonococcal arthritis: It is a disease where our joints are infected. It mainly occurs on those people who are suffering from gonorrhea. It mostly affects women than men.
  4. Infectious arthritis: It is caused by the infections in the joint of our body. It is also known as septic arthritis.
  5. Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis which is a type of chronic pain in the joints. Almost 27 million Americans are affected by this.

joint pain

Causes of Joint Pain

  • Gout: Uric acid is the common name of gout. Increasing uric acid in our body can cause the joint pain.
  • Lyme disease: It begins by the byte of an insect which is infected by bacterium. This bacterium can infect the whole body including joints, nerves, heart and skin.
  • Sprain: Sprain is an acute pain. It is the most common and obvious cause of joint pain in us.
  • Lupus: It is a chronic autoimmune disease which can affect any part of our body.
  • Gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease. If untreated, it can spread to the joints.
  • Old age: With the increasing age, our bones become weaker. So old age also can be the cause of joint pain.

10 Natural Remedies for Joint pain

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  1. Turmeric paste: Make paste of turmeric and use it in the area where you are feeling pain. Not only in joint pain, it works in any time of pain. Turmeric is also a good antiseptic.
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    castor oil

  2. Castor oil: Castor oil is also a very effective remedy of joint pain. You can massage in the joint where you feel pain. Castor oil is also useful in solving the problem of hair fall.
    joint pain

    drumstick tree skin

  3. Skin of the Drumstick tree: Skin of drumstick tree is very effective in any type of pain. If you fall down and get a sprain,then to get read of the pain you can tie the skin of horse radish in the area where you get the sprain.
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    Gamble leaf

  4. Vapor of gamble leaf: Not only in joint pain, gamble leaves have many types of medical use. In pain, you   the gamble leaves in water and give the vapor of that water in that particular area where you feel pain. Gamble leaves are also a very effective ayurvedic remedy for skin diseases.
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  5. Fenugreek, black cumin and azwain mix powder: For the joint pain, you can make a mix powder of Mithi, black cumin and azwain. Then mix the powder with water and drink it. It is also an effective homemade remedy.
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    epsom salt

  6. Epsom salt: Mix the Epsom salt with warm water and then submerge your sore joints in the liquid. It is also an effective way to get rid of pain.
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  7. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is beneficial for the arthritis patient with its antioxidant and inflammatory properties. Swallow one tea spoonful of fenugreek with lukewarm water. It is also an effective way to get rid of your pain.`
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  8. Garlic:There is no tough process to use garlic for the remedy of your pain. You can use it as you want.
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  9. Vijaysar wood: Take six gram of vijaysar wood and soak them in a 250 ml glass of water for overnight. Next morning, filter the water and drink it. It is very effective in knee pain and also neck pain and back pain
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  10. Seeds: Seeds which are rich in calcium, like almond, sesame etc are very useful for joint pain. Almond is also good for joints and bone health

Along with these ayurvedic remedies, if you want immediate solution for your pain, then you can use painkillers like soma and Tramadol. You can get these at any pharmacy. But online pharmacy is the best option to get it.

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